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A hot meal and a helping hand, it’s just what you may need to begin your road to recovery.

Life Connection Center started in 2013 by a dedicated group on individuals from the Brazilian M.I.L. Church located in Lowell, Massachusetts. With the location of the church being in one of the most difficult areas of the city, seeing individuals struggling was part of church life. After learning of the sobering statistics of homelessness and hunger in the city, the church decided to take action.

A small group of volunteers began with serving a meal to anyone that came through their doors. This group has grown to a small army of support; church volunteers, community members and supporters. Overtime M.I.L. church volunteers have gotten to know their clients and their needs. They learned that these individuals needed more than just a meal; they needed support, encouragement and a community.

The initiative of proving a simple meal has now grown into a fully functioning community center. The atmosphere at Life Connection Center is warm, inviting, and for many, has become a home away from home. Many individuals have connected with volunteers and peers to help them in their recovery, working towards a better future. Every individual that comes through the doors of Life Connections Center are treated with dignity and the utmost respect.

“I used to come to the lunch all the time. Then I got sick. I don’t really have anyone and I kind of thought people forgot about me. I was surprised to see these guys come ​to my hospital room. They go above and beyond.”

Franky, 54 - Lowell, MA

You can help provide health meals to homeless men and women too.

In 2014, The M.I.L. Church made a strategic decision to begin the process of establishing a separate nonprofit organization to address these concerns. They took the appropriate steps they needed to begin to establish the Center as a place of support.

They currently have goals to continue to expand the services provided at the Life Connection Center and to grown their staffing supports. They are also committed to establishing their financial sustainability through fundraising events, professional marketing and strategic community relations efforts.

Life Connection Center strives to be a place to hope in the city. With the support of the great citizens of Lowell, it is already happening and we are grateful.  Join us as we move forward in supporting the most vulnerable persons in our community, the homeless and hungry. With your help we can make this happen.

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