Leadership and Board of Directors

Isaac Xavier, Executive Director

Isaac Xavier has been at the helm of Life Connection Center, a non-profit organization committed to making a difference in the community, for the past six years. A dedicated and experienced professional bringing a unique blend of leadership skills and a strong background in Information Technology to his role as the Executive Director.

Life Connection Center Board of Directors
Executive Committee

Danilo J Brack, Board President
Brack Law, Lowell, MA

Danilo Brack owns and operates a private Law Office specializing in immigration, criminal law and consumer protection. An immigrant from Brazil, Danilo appreciates the opportunity that the US has provided to his family and is committed to the Life Connection Center’s mission to give back to the community by helping Lowell’s homeless, hungry and vulnerable. With a first-hand experience in the difficulties of being an immigrant, Danilo is helping the Spanish and Portuguese speaking community as an honest, dedicated and serious advocate of immigration rights and reform. Danilo brings his extensive experience in Law and several years’ experience with corporations in management to the LCC Board. Danilo has an MBA from Umass Lowell and a Law degree from the Massachusetts School Of Law.

Vicente Dalmaso, Treasurer
MIL Church Bishop, Lowell, MA

Vincente Dalmaso, is one of the Bishops of the MIL Church located in Lowell, Massachusetts. Vinny, as he is fondly called is one of the original founders of the Life Connection Center (LCC). An immigrant from Brazil, Vinny was unable to reconcile his perception of the US as rich and powerful country in Brazil  to the hunger,  homelessness and vulnerability he saw on Appleton St in Lowell. So him and his mother, Pastor of the church, set out to do something about it, and contribute to his new community.  Vinny used his experience as a contractor remodeling and building new homes to remodel and upgrade the existing LCC building from an abandoned, drug infested building to its current state of the art condition. Vinny brings oversight to the MIL church for business  and financial matters.

Cristiane Pineiro, Secretary
MIL Church, Lowell, MA

Cristiane is the driving force behind the meals and volunteerism at Life Connection Center. she helps to plan, shop and prepare all of the meals that are provided at Life Connection Center. She has a passion for cooking and works miracles with the budget we have every week. Cristiane is a kind person with a great passion for helping the people of Life Connection Center.

Scott McGrath,  Director
US Department of Veteran Affairs, Retired, ​Lowell, MA

Scott McGrath is a lifelong resident of Lowell with deep roots and connections to civic society and leadership in Lowell. Scott brings over 30 years experience working as a counselor in substance abuse programs for the VA in Lowell and the Boston Metro area to the Life Connection Center. He has a Certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling. In addition, Scott is a Licensed General Contractor in the Lowell area, and has several years’ experience in all aspects of home building and remodeling. Scott has now dedicated his life to helping the hungry, homeless and substance dependent citizens of Lowell. 

Cluesa Costa, Director, Founder
​MIL Church, Lowell, MA

Pastor Cluesa Costa, a native of Brazil, is the founding leadership of the MIL Church which started the Life Connection Center. She had an experience seeing a woman outside on the street of her church under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This mom was being dragged by her child. The child was using every effort to wake the mom up and move her along. this scene broke Pastor Cluesas heart. She began to think about how she could help the community on Appleton street. She thought that the easiest thing she could do, which was within her means was provide a meal and open her doors. This began the mission of Life Connection Center, providing a place of hope, safety and encouragement. 

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