Our Services

Harm Reduction

In partnership with Lowell Community Health Center, we provide the following services M – F 9am – 3pm. We also offer a mobile outreach van on Tuesday and Thursdays at various locations.

  • On site HIV/HEP C Testing
  • Harm Reduction Supplies
  • Complementary Condoms
  • Referral to Detox
  • Recovery Supports
  • Access to Narcan
Healthy Meals

Research shows that in Massachusetts today about 1 in 8 people are currently struggling with hunger. Many of these individuals are also battling homelessness. Without access to cooking facilities or proper housing, many homeless individuals rely on community centers for support. For many folks at Life Connection Center, hunger and homelessness are common parts of everyday life.

Three days a week LCC offers a complimentary hot, healthy meal and a safe place to sit and eat with friends. Life Connection Center is not a food pantry but rather a place where those in need can come for a while, get out of the heat or cold and enjoy a healthy meal with people that care. 

Every, Monday Tuesday and and Wednesday: 12pm – 2pm Complimentary meal for Middlesex County Adults. 
​Basic demographic information collected.

Faith Based Support

Life Connection Center started from and still remains part of an active church community.  The LCC program and its founders from the M.I.L. Church believe that we are all called to feed the poor, love one another and put others before ourselves. The founders of Life Connection Center truly believe that having faith in God can help address all areas of your life. 

Although these are the beliefs of the staff and volunteers, they do not discriminate based on religion or spiritual beliefs. All are welcome at Life Connection Center. 

If you are in need of prayer, spiritual guidance or support, the Pastors and Leaders from the M.I.L. Church are available to meet with you.

Shelter Services

Life Connection Center has shelter placement options at either our 20 bed congregate shelter our short term emergency hotel project, both made available by through Community Teamwork, Inc.

​Residential placement is dependent on a variety of factors congruent with best practices utilized by current hotel shelter programs and guidance received from DHCD. Both projects have a COVID risk factor and we place clients into openings according to their level of COVID risk. Our expectation is that outside agencies and referring providers will meet with their clients, will personally verify their homelessness, and submit their information together with a signed release of information attached, for permission to share information with LCC.  We are unable to compile or complete release forms from other providers and outside agencies.

Homeless Outreach

When we notice that one of the clients from Life Connections Center hasn’t been around, we always try to go the extra mile to make sure they are alright. If we find out that they are staying outside or if they have been hospitalized we try to stay connected with them. Our volunteers have been known to visit our LCC clients on the street, at the jail, in their homes or at the hospital. During these outreach visits we bring a meals and some much needed encouragement.

Life Connection Center volunteers and peers also help to spread the word about our meal programs and health services to any homeless person they meet. Periodically LCC Volunteers will hand out toiletries, socks and blankets to those in needs in the community also.

Recovery Support

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is possible. We see it every week. To aid in this process, Life Connection Center provides peer led, informal recovery support groups and access to recovery coaching. Our meetings may be a few individuals briefly checking in with each other, or several people gathering for an hour long formal meeting. The best part about the Drop In Recovery Supports at LCC is that they are driven by the guests. Life Connection Center holds meetings as needed, as often as we can.

Peer support is found in all of our meetings. We believe that the folks doing the work of recovery are our best resource. We support all paths to recovery including medication assisted treatment. We also support ones personal definition of sobriety verses total abstinence. Whether you have been sober for one day, or have been clean for years, you have a place at Life Connection Center.

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