Sanctuary Shelter Services

Life Connection Center is a place of hope in Lowell, Massachusetts. We are excited to provide new  shelter options for our important homeless friends.

​Residential placement is dependent on a variety of factors congruent with best practices utilized by current hotel shelter programs and guidance received from DHCD. Both projects have a COVID risk factor and we place clients into openings according to their level of COVID risk. Our expectation is that outside agencies and referring providers will meet with their clients, will personally verify their homelessness, and submit their information together with a signed release of information attached, for permission to share information with LCC.  We are unable to compile or complete release forms from other providers and outside agencies.

To streamline this process, LCC has implemented this portal for referring providers to submit their client’s information.  

Thank you for your cooperation and willingness to work with us in our shared goal of helping those who desperately need it.

Referral Process

Please download and print the Shelter Referral Form PDF below and include your agencies release.

Then, either fax (978) 677-7401 or email to Carl Tietze (

You can also complete the electronic version of the form below.

After the referral is received someone will contact the client directly, if that is not possible, we will contact the provider. We will only reach out if we have a bed available. Please continue to seek other shelters.

We are typically full but as soon as we have an opening, we look at the referrals that have come in and try to offer beds based on Covid vulnerability and other risk factors. This with immune system vulnerability, disabilities and outdoor sleepers are considered high risk. 

Printable Version:
Electronic Version:
Example: Joseph Smith's code would be JSSI

If you do not have a release on file, please obtain one prior to completing this form.

Once a referral is recieved, we will hold it on file until we have an opening. Once a bed is avaliable we will contaact you or your client directly to see if they are still in need of housing.

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